‘Wonder Woman’ is the First True Winner for the DC Universe!

Apparently, it’s been easy to make a good DCCU movie all this time. Simply let it be colorful, inspirational, fun, and… actually good. Thus, we’ve got the first true winner in the DC Cinematic Universe, Wonder Woman and, it is indeed a wonder.

A young princesses from the mythical island of Themyscira is catapulted into World War I after a plane crashes on her shores with pilot Steve Trevor on board. He’s got a mission to accomplish and Diana, hearing of the war beyond the horizon, embraces her destiny and joins him in stopping Ares, the God of War from exploiting the stupid men of the world.

Folks, this movie is just so good. It’s everything a DC movie should be… bright, colorful, inspirational, and true to the characters we’ve been reading for years. We need more of this and less of jerk-face Superman. Less tattooed Joker and more pure characters.

You can chalk most of the goodness in this movie right to Gal Gadot who embraces the character so fully and so well. I’m not about to lecture you on feminism, but I did enjoy taking my girls to this movie because they did see Diana as a role model. They saw that she can do amazing things and still love ice cream and babies… she was able to be a wonder, but he a woman at the same time. I like that and it’s rare to see a character portrayed in that way — usually, they’re coquettish or their overly masculine.

I also have to give major commendations to Chris Pine as Steven Trevor. I kind of expected his character to be relegated to the background or be a wise-cracking boy toy for Diana but, surprisingly enough, he’s a well-rounded character as well serving as a guide, mentor, and window to a strange new world. He and Gadot had some real chemistry and, as a couple, they were cute together. I bought it and it brought a new level of immersion into this film.

I enjoyed this movie so darn much. Diana is a character that you can’t help but root for. There are flaws… some of the CGI sticks out a little too much at the end and, there was a stretch about halfway through the movie where the pacing kind of stumbled and made the movie more drawn out than what it should have been, but overall, this is a great movie, a great comic book movie, and a faithful adaptation of Wonder Woman… bright, colorful, and full of hope.

By the awkward libido of Zues, maybe DC will finally get it right from now on.

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