‘Justice League vs. Teen Titans’: Another DC Cartoon that Effortlessly Surpasses the Live Action Movies

Since his son is such an irredeemable twerp, Batman sends Robin to hang out with the Teen Titans, a teenage-aged group of superheroes to attempt to finally socialize his son, but when a demon called Trigon decides to use a Titan named Raven to come to the Earth realm and take a steaming crap on it, Robin just might find reason enough to stop being a twerp and start being a Titan.

jI suppose this is DC’s way of trying to make up for all of the damage that travesty, Teen Titans Go! has caused since Satan created it. Without going off on too much of a tangent here, Teen Titans Go! isn’t just garbage, it delights in being garbage and remains garbage just to annoy anyone who actually has love for these characters it constantly violates every day on Cartoon Network.

The Titans in Justice League vs. Teen Titans are better. Then again, the Titans in this movie could have been made up of Wendy, Marvin, and Wonderdog and it would have been better. This time around, the team is made of up Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, and a very reluctant Robin and it’s a good team, even throwing in Cyborg a couple of times because of nothing other than love.

I like that. I like that a lot.

As a matter of fact, the title of this movie is somewhat of a lie. The whole “Justice League vs. Teen Titans” thing lasts all of five minutes, but I guess in a world where DC is all about “vs.” nowadays, it might sell some DVDs.

Come to think of it, Justice League vs. Teen Titans is actually a lot more fun than Batman vs. Superman. It could be because there was color in it… it could be because I actually cared about the characters.

So yes, JL vs. TT is a fun little movie. A load better than the bland Batman: Bad Blood because in this movie, all of its characters are useful and needed. The Titans all have unique and appealing personalities (even better than the classic Teen Titans cartoon if you ask me) and the more mature feel actually had me thinking that these guys were teenagers instead of what a 45 year old writer thinks a teenager is like.

Although, that weird naked thing with Beast Boy was just… why? Has Zootopia gotten all of the major studios trying to win over the furry crowds? Can we please stop that?

What’s more, JL vs. TT brings some actual character development to Robin which has been sorely lacking in any of his animated DCU appearances. He’s always an incorrigible twerp with no social skills, but at the end of this movie, you actually feel like he’s grown and that it will be permanent this time. He needs it. I really hope that it translates over to the next Batman and Robin adventure.

JL vs. TT is just fun through and through even if the title is a misnomer. You’ve got an appealing cast of characters, growth of those characters, a threat that actually feels threatening, and a script and animation that doesn’t feel like its insulting the viewers. It’s been a while since the Teen Titans were treated with this much respect and I hope and pray that we haven’t see the last of this crew in the animated DCU.

Once again, sadly, animation has effortlessly kicked the crap out of the live action DC movies.

My only major quibble is how much I hate Wonder Woman’s DCAU uniform. Can we please put her in something that doesn’t look like garbage?

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