Teen Wolf’s Season Finale: “Apotheosis” is a Complete and Terrible Mess

Finally time to put this poopstorm of a season to bed!  That’s right, little pups, season five of Teen Wolf is done.

In this episode, Scott and Liam race into the conveniently reusable sewer sets to rescue Mason who isn’t Mason anymore, but rather the fabled Beast.  Can they save him? 

Do we care?

Oh, and also Malia’s mother is trying to kill her… which has been a thing for a while.

I get the feeling that the writers are trying to retroactively make Scott look less incompetent than he’s been all season.  This last-moment reveal that Scott was playing everyone worked during the Kanima season because there were subtle clues… it was all laid out ahead of time and made perfect sense.  With this season, Scott’s been a terrible leader, a horrible friend, and has made an almost endless string of terrible decisions, getting his butt handed him him almost every episode by superior and inferior foes.

With “Apotheosis,” we’re asked to swallow that Scott and Deucalion have been working together behind Theo’s back the whole time.  This revelation came out of nowhere, had no precedent, and wasn’t even vaguely hinted at in the least little bitty bit.  Hell, you can argue that Scott barely had an idea that Deucalion was involved since Theo was keeping him like a pet in his conveniently reusable hideout set.   I had less of a feeling of, “Oh, hey… Scott’s not stupid after all!” and more of a feeling of, “The writers have finally figured out they’ve been writing Scott like a complete idiot.”

This reveal was tacked on and stupid.  I didn’t buy it.

Amazingly enough, that’s not my biggest complaint of the episode… My biggest complaint would be the resolution of The Desert Wolf story between Malia and her mother.  Folks, there was absolutely no reason this arch should have existed.  It was inconsequential to literally everything.  When it played out, it affected nothing.  Now that it’s over, nothing has changed.  It was as if the writers were just scrambling for something for Malia to do and came up with this lame payoff to a lame story seed planted during the last lame season.

The Malia story was a time-waster that basically boiled down to, “Oh yeah?  Well, I can stab you right back and I can stab you harder!”  That’s honestly the best they could come up with?

Also, isn’t it weird that the Desert Wolf was a coyote?

All right, enough complaining about the stupid stuff in this episode.

Okay, another complaint… where the heck did Mason’s boyfriend come from?  Was that cowardly little turd just sitting there watching the battle the entire time?

God, this episode was a mess.  Multiple story lines, too many things happening at once… it’s like a werewolf soap opera.  It was bad… tremendously bad.  Amazingly, not as terrible as last season, but it’s clear that Teen Wolf has no idea what it wants to be and has less of an idea of what to do with itself.

It’s pretty obvious that next season will probably be the last.  They’ve been talking graduation, Dylan O’Brien is becoming a famous movie star, and I’m just waiting for news to see which cast members from THIS season are going to vanish during hiatus and never be spoken of again.   For the final season, Teen Wolf has got to be more focused.  Less side-stories… we need the pack coming together to beat a foe, not separating to go do their own things.

I have hope for the last season, but it is fleeting.  Another episode of crap and I just might howl in misery.

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