“It Happening One Night” is an Unfortunate Downtick in the Hilarity of this Season of ‘The Venture Bros.’

Doctor Venture is arched by a strange group called The Doom Factory as Hank and Wide Whale’s daughter, Serena, go out on a romantic night on the town.

While not a bad episode by any means, it seems like the pace and sheer laugh factor that has been held so high this season got taken down a notch in exchange for Andy Warhol references and sheer weirdness.  Weirdness, mind you, does not necessarily equal funny nor does referencing.

Perhaps it’s because I’m not overly familar with Andy Warhol.   I mean, I know who he was and I know what he did, but beyond that I don’t know anything about him or his personality, but I feel like the majority of the jokes just went over my head.  Like the episode was taking the referencing too far to be entertaining with it.

Now, Hank and Serena’s date was funny and, surprisingly, it was awful sweet too.   I know this show is supposed to be about failure and it’s fairly obvious how Hank’s failure is being set up, but is it wrong that I actually want the guy to succeed this time?

The continuation of the Monarch/Blue Morpho storyline was also very well done, but I just find the entire Monarch crew hilarious to begin with.

I feel that this episode was the weakest out of the season, though admittedly, it could be just because I’m not hip on overrated 70’s artists.  Still, I feel that The Venture Bros. sacrificed a lot of what was making this season work just to amp up the weirdness in this episode and it was largely a misfire.  Everything that didn’t involve The Doom Factory, though, was worth it.

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