The Venture Bros’ “Hostile Makeover” Gleefully Plays in the Smoldering Ashes of its Setting and Premise

I ask you this:  How many television shows have literally destroyed their own setting — literally set fire to everything it was — and returned as funny and amazing as ever?  If you’ve said no one, you’re right… most of the time when television series change their location or premise, it’s a move of pure desperation.   It killed Coach, it killed Lavern & Shirley, it killed Roseanne, and it killed Lab Rats (but nevermind that show).

However, The Venture Bros. not only jumped this shark and came out of it unscathed, they made it look down right easy.  I was actually worried about the characters moving to New York and inheriting billions of dollars would gut the show of what made it special, but now I see that my fears were unfounded.  It’s just as good as what it’s always been and, arguably… it might actually be a little better.

So, yes, the Ventures have moved up on to the east side in a deluxe apartment in the sky.  Hank is living the playboy life, Dean is looking into colleges, Dr. Venture is trying to run his late brother’s business, and best of all… Brock is back as their bodyguard leaving poor Sergent Vatred on the outs with the O.S.I.

Meanwhile, Doctor Mrs. The Monarch and the new Council of Thirteen are trying to put the Guild of Calamitous Intent back together following the death of the Sovereign and it’s not going well.

Also, the Avengers are there… or at least a parody of them because New York is apparently crawling with superheros.

Oh, and Nathan Fillion is there too because he’s in everything nowadays.

“Hostile Makeover” is like a loving pat on the head telling us everything is going to be okay.  The show is still its wonderful referential self with fast pacing, on-point jokes, and a barely contained madness that drives the entire affair forward without becoming pandering, gross, or entirely too stupid.

This was a great episode and a welcome return.  The antics were wacky, the violence was hilarious, and the change of setting… you know… I’m actually thinking this was a good idea.  There’s so much more room in the Venture’s playground now and I can’t help but be curious what all of the developments will bring next.

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