“Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster” is an Episode that Finally Remembers Just How Fun The X-Files Can Be

Do you remember how I complained over the last two episodes that The X-Files was always at its greatest not when it was chasing UFOs or big government conspiracies, but when it just had fun with the paranormal and weird?  That’s what’s been missing from this revival (I’m still not calling it a reboot because it’s not a reboot) and that’s what returned with this episode.  Fun.  Pure fun.

Mulder is depressed.  He’s come to believe that his life-long obsession with aliens has been a lie and he’s questioning whether his work has meant anything at all.  It’s midlife crisis Mulder and he’s lost all faith in the unknown.

This is when a new case is dropped into his lap by Scully… some sort of monster has been killing people and it’s being described as a horny toad lizard man.

It’s that’s not enough to win you over, I don’t know what can.

I don’t want to spoil too much about the episode because it has some pretty entertaining twists and turns, but let’s just call this adventure both therapy and a wake up call for Mulder.  The Mulder we’ve seen this season has been jaded and defeated, but at the end of this were-monster adventure, he’s seeing the world with new eyes… or old ones, depending on how you look at it.

“Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster” is funny and heartfelt, though a little heavy-handed at times.  This is finally starting to feel like classic X-Files before it lost its mojo in the middle of its original run and, at the very least, this has been the best of the new season of episodes.

I want more like this, Chris Carter.  Quit baiting us with your alien conspiracy BS and give us more like this.

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