Satan Has a New Name and That Name is Tammy. Rick and Morty Wrap up the Season with “The Wedding Squanchers”

Rick and the family are invited to an off-world wedding.  Bird-Person is about to marry Summer’s friend, Tammy, and despite Rick’s objections, the family attends a ceremony that ends up literally ruining their lives.

Well, that was certainly depressing.

Character deaths, the hittings of various rock bottoms, and a sad cliffhanger that will probably ruin the next year and a half or longer for you.   This was certainly an episode where things come back to bite you and everyone felt those teeth on their tender buttocks area.

What I liked about this episode is, even if you don’t count the cliffhanger, it felt like a genuine season finale.  Loose threads were tied up and paid off, the family faced a dilemma from which there didn’t seem to be an easy escape, hard questions were asked, secrets were told, and choices were made that revealed who some of these characters really are.

And then there was the cliffhanger, of course, which did what everything else from this series seems to do… depress the ever-living hecks out of you.

The episode was funny as usual and inventive as usual, so there was that to go along with the crushing sadness, but I would still call it a worthy finale.  Not one of the show’s best, but Rick and Morty set the bar so high consistently, that even the average episodes are lightyears beyond the episodes of other television series.

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