Fear the Walking Dead: The Season Finale, “A Good Man,” Unwittingly Turns the Main Cast into a Group of Sociopath Monsters

Airdate: October 4, 2015

Fear the Walking Dead, or as it’s known in the hip circles, FTWDZZZZZZZZZZZ has finally gotten its boring and bloated butt off the airwaves after a pitiful initial season and it couldn’t have farted off our TV screens a moment too soon.  This show is plodding, unambitious, lazy, and arrogant in its very design to think that we would watch anything with The Walking Dead logo slapped on it and not complain.  This is a show that not only betrayed its core reason for being – namely being about zombies when the zombies barely showed up at all – but also betrayed its audience who dissipated in droves every week.  I know FTWDZZZZZ has a second season, but it sure as heck doesn’t deserve one.

I’m pretty angry.  How in the seven levels of undead hell do you make a television series about zombies and make it one of the most boring things to sit through?  This isn’t something that happens on accident, there is a purpose behind it and I’m not certain what that purpose was.   Perhaps AMC shat something out to keep the audience of The Walking Dead placated until the good series came back?  Maybe they saw dollar signs and farted out another series to capitalize?  Who knows… Who cares anymore?

Take the season finale of this beast.  At best, I would call it marginally entertaining.  I mean, there were actually a load of zombies in it and some action actually happened.  A character died which was nice and there was an actual forward progression of plot…

But did you really stop and take a look at how unorganized and lazy the writing was?

For goodness sake, to save two characters, the hero cast actually ends up killing arguably hundreds of people.  They leave the gate to their community wide open as they leave and then let loose thousands of walkers to storm a hospital… a hospital with dozens of sick people and dozens of soldiers just doing their job and we’re supposed to be somehow relived when they actually reunite with druggy-butt and the ashes of what’s-her-face?  Forget that… I’m horrified at the actions of these people.  They racked up the biggest body counts of any bad guy on The Walking Dead just to save one person!  They aren’t heroes, they’re selfish unthinking monsters.  How am I supposed to root for them?

Yes, there were moments of tension and, yes… it was nice to finally see zombie action after getting teased by it during this show’s six episode run, but let’s face it… this was too little and way to late.  This season has been a monster – a slobbering, stupid monster stupidly going from attempted character moment to attempted character moment.   The promise of watching civilization die which appeared to be an interesting notion, was glazed over between episodes.  Nothing in this series justified the series’ existence.

It was lazy, it was badly put together, and completely unnecessary.  Even the death at the end… was that supposed to accomplish something?  It seems like to me all it was meant to do was uncomplicate the family dynamic and make things easier to write next season.

If you can somehow overlook the glaring common sense problems that this show brings up, what with its main cast of sociopaths murdering hundreds of people in one episodes… it was a decent finale compared to what it’s done before, but I am hardly falling all over myself to congratulate it for sucking a little less at the finish line.

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