Scream Queen’s: “Haunted House” is Weighing Itself Down with its Own Mythology

The killer(s) are still on the lose.  Dean Munsch has been accused because cliffhanger and Zayday decides to bring chaos to Kappa House by announcing her candidacy for house president, potentially unseating the dangerously upset Chanel.  To raise money for sickle cell anemia (and to bring more awareness to her campaign), Zayday decides to hold a haunted house, but the killer is about to make it more terrifying (and successful) than the Kappa’s ever imagined.

I honestly don’t think I’ve laughed harder at anything than the opening five minutes of this episode which was a perfect send up of Taylor Swift and the Christ-like female celebrities of the world bringing a ray of sunshine to their meagar fan base.   Emma Roberts is really taking what could be a stereotypical “Glee-like” supervillain and turning her into that bad girl you hate to love.  She’s one part fantasy, one part delusion, and a whole lot of manipulation, but she is just so wonderful to watch.

Dean Munsch is another fun character who, after an obvious fake-out with last week’s cliffhanger, was revealed to have some awful sinister skeletons in her closet.  Jaime Lee Curtis is a lot of fun in his role as the corrupt dean and really took it up a notch with the revelation that she helped hide the body in the premiere episode.  I’m watching you, Munshe.

The rest of the mystery is starting to get weighed down with too much mythology which was what I was afraid would happen. A smart mystery is one thing, but too many twists and turns and information dumps and you’ve got the mess that Lost or The X-Files turned in to.

That cafeteria scene was cringe worthy, though. It didn’t advance the plot, it wasn’t funny, and if it was trying to make a statement about feminism, it failed miserably.  I mean, come on… why are all of the speeches about “it’s okay to be a little chunky” always delivered by skinny witches?  Why do writers confuse feminism with physically beating up men?  This just smacked of last-minute time-filler.

Still, this show is a lot of fun to watch.  It’s still fresh and funny and the cast continues to make the characters despicable and appealing at the same time.  The dialogue can sometimes get a little annoying when it tries to be “too cool,” but Scream Queens is demented enough and gross enough and shocking enough to keep surprising me with its humor and mystery.

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