The Hilarious “The Ricks Must Be Crazy” a Rick and Morty Study of the Ends Justifying the Means

When the battery on Rick’s space-car goes dead, he and Morty shrink down and go inside where Rick has created an entire universe to power his vehicle.  Only now, his battery universe has created their own battery universe and Rick’s ego is getting the better of him.  Meanwhile, Summer is protected by Rick’s car that goes to some extreme and messed up measures to keep her safe.

This episode was hilarious.  Hilarious with a great sci-fi idea behind it.  Basically, it was the polar opposite of last week’s ill advised American Idol riff.

Rick and Morty were both in top form with Rick his usual self-destructive self with his huge ego and God complex and Morty getting fed up and then running back for help.

It’s awesome how Morty has lost a lot of his innocence in this series.  Sure, he’s no where near as jaded as Rick is, but he is coming into his own brand of cynicism that is just fun to watch.

This episode was also as unpredictable as they come. What looks like an easy parody is thrown out the window as quickly as it comes, revelations and twists come out of left field, and the repetition of the episode when the same lines were said by different characters only got funnier and funnier.

And finally… just as I predicted… Summer was finally traumatized by something.  Rick’s car is by far the most evil character on the show and I honestly believe that the person it murdered was probably the lucky one.  Seriously, I don’t want to spoil it, but it dispatches a policeman in a way that is probably one of the most messed up evil things I’ve ever witnessed.  It got an audible, “Holy crap, no!” from me while I was watching.

I don’t often actually LOL when I watch television, but this episode did it.  It was inventive, it was clever, it was well-plotted and, most importantly, it was funny as hell.  This is the Rick and Morty that I love and I want to see more of this…  not more of that and I think that you know what that I’m talking about.

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