‘Teen Wolf’ Gets out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire, and then Into a Blast Furnace with “Strange Frequencies”

This season, the pack seems to be getting out of the pan and into the fire and then out of the fire and into a blast furnace. As part of the mystery is uncovered, more questions are raised. Nothing is going their way and they just keep getting toyed with in ways that are as sick as they are devious.

It’s so gosh darned wonderful.

Perhaps I’m a bit of a sadist, but part of me likes watching characters I’m fond of crack under pressure and the pressure of this season has built and built and built to where something is about to blow and I can’t wait to see what goes first. Will it be the inevitable confrontation between Stiles and Scott over Stiles’ killing of Donovan? Will it be Kira’s out of control fox powers? Will it be Lydia’s visions and eventual institutionalization? The Chimeras? The Dread Doctors? Whatever the heck is going on with Parish? There are so many plots in action right now that a lot of the fun is just wondering which one of them will snap first.

I know I’ve praised the show’s direction and purpose this year, but I also have to throw an appreciation spotline on how masterfully it has handled so many competing plot-lines. Where last season was a mess with just one plot, this year has shown surprising control. I’m able to keep up with those plots, I’m able to follow who is who, and the villains are way more interesting than technicolor Kate.

Speaking of the villains, I was floored by the twist that seemed to skip on by without much fanfare in that the Dread Doctors have no idea what has been happening to the dead Chimeras. Just like that, in that silly throwaway scene, the entire season just got put on its head… again!

Teen Wolf has been amazing this season. With, I assume, three more episodes until the half-season is over, I can only hope it gets better and has a hell of an endgame planned. If it does, this could very well be the best season of the show yet.

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