‘Rick and Morty’: “Mortynight Run” is Darn Near Perfect

Morty’s moral compass is knocked askew when he learns that Rick is selling weapons to assassins so that he can play video games. Morty decides to rescue the strange alien known as “Fart” who was to be the assassin’s target, much to Rick’s annoyance.

It’s actually pretty difficult to review this show because, honestly, there’s next to nothing negative to say about it. Every week, the show is inventive and clever and funny and, surprisingly for a cartoon, it really gets to you emotionally.

This week’s episode was a sci-fi take on Of Mice and Men (and I didn’t get that it was until the end which was great) and it guest stars Jermaine Clement as the singing gaseous telepathic entity known as “Fart.” If those facts don’t get you excited for this one, I’m not sure what will.

Rick and Morty is a show that is hilarious one moment and crushing the next and, to be honest, I can’t recall a time that I felt more heartbreak for an animated character than I did for Morty at this end of this episode. There’s something to be said about a story of failure… about how someone tries and tries and tries to do the right thing in a world where everything seems wrong only to have that charity crumble to ashes in your hand. Lemme tell you, brother, that’s what sets this show apart… the emotional connection you feel towards these characters. It would be easy to just make Rick the smart jerk and Morty the weakling dweeb, but this series has grown beyond that. Heck, even the usual throwaway Jerry daycare gags were poignant in their own weird way.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again… Rick and Morty is probably one of the best shows in the last 20 years… perhaps longer. It never ceases to amaze me and this week was no exception.

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