‘Sense8’s Season Finale, “I Can’t Leave Her” Is Full of Promise, But it Was Too Long Coming

It’s a race against time to save Riley in Iceland as Will goes there in person with the help of Nomi and the other sensates.

As I’ve said multiple times, Sense8 has been laborious at times, frustrating at others, and always had that fascinating promise of a high concept.  At times, that concept was squandered and at others, it was delivered…  With Sense8, it was always a mixed bag that I came very close to giving up more than once and, here at the end, I guess I’m glad I stuck with it.

“I Can’t Leave Her” felt, at long last, like a delivery of that promise.  It’s been far too long in coming, hampered by the series playing it too close to the chest and a run of episodes that could have been made up of at least five fewer episodes, but the final episode finally paid off the expectations that had been promised since the first episode.

Sure, there was frustration.  The motivations of Whisper remains a mystery with much of the menace that was displayed in the previous episodes evaporating into nothing along with much of the final act and the lack of resolution with Sun and Kala’s story felt like a cheat, but I’m sure they’re saving all of that for the next season if there is one.

Overall, the finale of Sense8 was full of promise, delivered some cleverly scripted action, and was awfully frustrating which is par for what the series has been.  If there is a second season, it needs to address the pacing and slowness that plagued it during its first run and fix those errors because, quite frankly, I don’t think I can put up with another mundane stretch of episodes before calling it quits for good.

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