Sense8 Puts All its Pieces on the Chessboard in “Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes”

Here we are at the next to last episode of Sense8, the pieces are in place, the board is ready and it looks like everyone is prepared to move.

This week, the focus was on Capheus and his troubles with the Niarobe underground.  Capheus has, even the most remote sense, laid down with dogs and picked up a bad case of fleas.  He’s been put in a bad situation with impossible choices that will all either kill him or compromise the human being that he is.   It all culminates in a fight and a chase that is perfectly executed and exciting to watch.  I know that Sense8 can’t do this kind of thing with every episode, but when it does, it feels like the show becomes something that it promised to be from the beginning.

Elsewhere, Sun’s path to freedom is blocked by the apparent murder of her father by her brother.   Joog-Ji has only appeared once before on the show, but his is such a weaselly little turd that watching Sun beat the heck out of him was so satisfying.  In a way, it was a long-needed release for her both emotionally, and from the promise she made her mother.  In way, though incarcerated and at her lowest point, Sun is more free than she has ever been.

Meanwhile, Will and Nomi discover that Riley is in danger in Iceland.  The trap has been laid down by Whisper.  It looks like everyone is utterly screwed and it’s all a decent penultimate episode that does just what it’s supposed to do to suck you into the last episode.

It’s been a frustrating ride, but now I’m actually looking forward to seeing how it all ends.

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