Civilization Is Going Downhill in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’s: “So Close Yet So Far”

Civilization has begun to fray at the edges as the zombie virus becomes more widespread.  Knowing that bad juju is about to go down, Travis journeys out into the city to find his son and ex-wife while Madison goes to some extreme measures to help Nick with his worsening withdrawals.

Far far more appealing than last week’s episode, “So Close Yet So Far” was still light on zombie action, but really seemed to be hitting all the right buttons with the pre-fall of civilization panic.  To be honest, though… I really wish this episode could have been mashed up with the pilot to produce something better than the lumbering piece of garbage we watched last week which I am more than certain chased away a good number of the record-breaking audience.

The characters were a lot more tolerable this time around as well and I’m actually starting to remember their names without having to check out imdb or something.  It’s funny to me — and perhaps an intentional thing — that as civilization starts to collapse, the characters are getting less shallow and terrible.   Maybe that’s what the creators wanted… to show a group of unappealing people from Los Angeles become better as things get worse for them?

Maybe not.

But maybe so.

I’m liking how society is breaking down in this show… how the pegs are slowly being hammered away by loss and inconvenience and how rioting over perceived police brutality becomes a major factor.  To me, it’s a perfectly realistic portrayal and topical as anything… but honestly, who carries around a camera like that anymore?  Seriously.

Madison’s trip to the school shows a remarkable pragmatism and I’m actually liking Tobias as well.  I’m not expecting to see him again, but I hope we do.

A marked improvement over the snoozer of a pilot episode that was coughed into our laps last week, Fear the Walking Dead is beginning to show promise with a unique direction and, now that stuff is finally hitting several fans, it looks like this lumbering beast is finally ready to break into a healthy stride.

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