‘Game of Thrones’ Gives Us “The Gift” of the Plot Finally Picking Up

“Oh my.”

Yeah, Sam, I’m thinking the same thing.

I’ve had a major problem with Game of Thrones throughout much of this season as it seems to be spending a majority of its time spinning its wheels in the much rather than actually going somewhere. With this episode, however, it seems that traction has finally been made and the progression of the season can finally reach a progression approaching something that looks like forward.

As a matter of fact, the entire series seemed to lurch into forward as Tyrion finally met Daenerys and Dany, so long on her own, finally joined the other ongoing storylines of the show.

Strange as it may seem, this epic long-in-the-works meeting was completely overshadowed by Cersei’s vindictiveness and stupidity finally rushing back at her in a riptide. While I have never quite had the vitriol for Cersei as I’ve had for Ramsey or Jeoffry, it was oh so satisfying to see her thrown into that cell. Keep in mind, I am not a reader of the books so I have no idea how things will turn out for her, but for right here and right now, I’m smiling with happiness and that doesn’t happen a lot after an episode of Game of Thrones.

Maester Aemon’s death, proof that the good die young in Westross, was a very effective scene and it’s been fun watching Sam grown from a complete joke of a character to a brave and competent (if infective) warrior. I was actually proud to see him become a man, so to speak if you know what I mean hint hint say no more. I’m sure it was the greatest seven seconds of his life.

The only weakness of this strong episode was the Sansa plot. Last week was tough on her and the audience and the followup this week… was not satisfactory. Perhaps it’s just me wanting to see Theon redeemed and to see Ramsey get what’s coming to him, but I want to see more and I want to see it faster. This week only served to remind us that Sansa still exists and, quite frankly, we don’t need that. We haven’t seen Bron and Hodor all season and I remember they exist every now and then.

All in all, though, it was a strong showing on Game of Thrones this week. I’m often frustrated with the slow pace of this series and to see things pick up is always exciting… and I’m sure I will be disappointed later, but for now… I’m happy.

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