Bob’s Burgers: The Movie is just a Feature Length television episode and that isn’t a bad thing!

Bob Belcher and his family are headed to the small screen with a tale of sinkholes, bunny ears, and murder!

This movie is little more than an extended television episode, but given the consistent high quality of Bob’s Burgers over the years, that is no where near a bad thing.

With Bob’s Burgers: The Movie, the quality is on par if not slightly higher than the television series. It was consistently funny, have each character their own arch, and even had a few catchy musical numbers.

The problem I had was: Why was this movie necessary? Don’t get me wrong, few movies are necessary, but I do think that a move from the small screen to big screen should at least be enough to justify the ticket price. If there is any justification to be made it’s that The Movie represents the best of what Bob’s Burgers is… but you can also watch the best of Bob’s Burgers at home.

While I love and adored this movie I would have liked for it to have been more ambitious and told a bigger, bolder story that the television screen couldn’t hold. Something that took the family from there restaurant and into the world on a grand adventure… something akin to the way The Simpsons Movie justified its existence by saying, “This is an adventure that can’t be told on television.”

And while, yes, I will say again that in loved this movie and would recommend it, I would be stumped if someone asked me if it was worth seeing since Bob’s Burgers airs almost every day for free.

I just wish they would have gone bigger.

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