Star Trek: Discovery’s DMA season is DOA

As much as it pains me to say this, as a genuine fan of Star Trek: Discovery and one of the fans who will jump to its defense when it’s threatened, but the season blew a tire a few episodes back and limped to the finish line, the bumper dented and smoke pouring out of the hood.

“Going Home” was so incredibly lackluster, painfully predictable, and such a non-event that to watch it is like seeing a cake across the room, wanting that cake, and then realizing that the cake is made of styrofoam. A level of disappointment so vast it borders on the poetic.

Practically nothing that was teed up in the season worked, but I do want to focus on something that did: Species 10-C, the mysterious aliens that have been ransacking the galaxy with the DMA. They were the definite highlight of the last couple of episodes even if their technology so advanced it should be magic proved to be most unmagical when the plot called for it. This enigmatic species provided the episode with much needed wonder and mysteriousness… and it was mostly squandered.

As for everything else, calling it “paint by numbers” would be accurate, though insulting to numbers. Every plot thread fizzled out from the laughable, melodramatic way that Tarka was dealt with to the, “Oops, he’s dead but not really!” way that Book came back.

Even Jet Reno, who is the bright light at the center of every episode she appears in, felt tacked on and unnecessary. I love Tig Notaro, but at this point, an absence would be less conspicuous than a scene she filmed during her lunch break.

This episode was a slog. A terrible, but appropriate way to end a season that began with such promise, yet ended with eunni and a barely audible fart.


  1. STACY ABRAMS? SERIOUSLY? She’s an embarrassment on Earth, now she’s spreading her contamination to the Federation.


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