The exploitation of the vulnerable and why the Chucky TV series is deeper than you think

I finality made it through the Chucky television series and loved just about everything about it.  I like seeing Chucky playing psychological games, I love seeing new characters mixed in with legacy characters, I loved the sick, twisted humor.   There is so much to this series to applaud from the deeper themes of exploitation to amusing side conversations that just make the story seem more real – or at least as real as a television series about a killer doll could be.

But while one might dismiss a series about Chucky as simply mindless slasher fun, the show is much deeper than that because Chucky is a series about the exploitation of the innocent.

You see, at the beginning, you get this idea that Chucky is grooming young Jake, a gay, lonely young kid, into becoming a serial killer.  Later on, however, Chucky turns his sights on the popular, yet equally miserable Carina.  Then he takes another young person under his plastic wing.

Chucky, you see, does not want to be “friends ’till the end” with them, they are a means to an end for him.   He’s using them until he doesn’t need them anymore. In many ways, this version of Chucky is the most depraved and evil.

Needless to say, I enjoyed this series a lot more than I was expecting to. The series doesn’t throw out any continuity, but rather embraces it sweetly. Especially the bad stuff.

More than that, Chucky is a hopeful tale of how enemies become friends and that the greatest strength you can muster come from those nearest to you… especially the ones you don’t expect.

Can’t wait to see where his series goes next.

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