Masters of the Universe: Revelations delivers a stunning finale

He Man is undergoing somewhat of a renaissance and I’m all here for it.   Two series, new toys, possible movies… I haven’t been this happy since the mid 1980s.

With Revelations second season, we pick up right where we left off:  Skeletor has the sword or power, he’s become Skele-God, and Prince Adam has been mortally wounded.  Needless to say, things aren’t looking good for the Masters and they’re not going to get much better.

I have really enjoyed this take on He-Man.  While the angry background shouting of the pathetic nerds who hate women characters is annoying, I can always plug my ears for this sweet 90’s action.  

Revelations is more mature, much more brutal, and unlike the 80s cartoon that it serves as a sequel to, provides the series with real, lasting consequences.

I have to admit, I started the season as a doubter that Mark Hamill would be a good Skeletor, but with the season season (which gives Skeletor a lot more to do), he really delivers an outstanding performance.   This is the sassy, petty Skeletor we all know and love.

The progression of the story is certainly entertaining and throws a lot of curve balls at the audience that even I was not expecting. A He Man cartoon really should not be this entertaining.

Simply put, by the end of the story I wanted more. I really hope we get more. Given the cliff hanger and everything that it took to get there, I think the series deserves more.

If for nothing more than the delicious tears of the misogynists.

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