The Prodigy crew is finally complete in, “Terror Firma”

Trapped on the carnivorous alien planet that the kids have given the suitable nickname, “Murder Planet,” the rag tag crew of the Protostar form an uneasy alliance with their former hostage, the daughter of the Diviner, Gwyn, to escape the planet and get back on their ship before they are either eaten alive or captured by their pursuers.

What a time for this show to go on hiatus! Right when it was getting good and falling into a groove. Dal isn’t annoying anymore, Gwyn finally joins the crew, the Diviner made an honest to goodness appearance, the secret of the Protostar‘s advanced warp drive is unlocked, and the mysteries of the series become absolutely tantalizing. Too bad, folks… you have to wait until 2022 to see more.

So, where to begin?

I’m really starting to dig this show’s humor. From dubbing the strange new world, “Murder Planet” to Dal using Zero as a flashlight with Zero chiming in, “I’m not sure how to feel about this, but I’m happy to help!” While a little immature and cringe sometimes, Prodigy does have a very light tone and appropriate sense of humor that makes the experience quite enjoyable.

The characterization in this episode was on point. Dal is no where near as annoying as he was in the second episode and has settled into a somewhat acceptable balance of naïve and confident where it’s more of a character flaw than a characteristic. Do I like the character now? Ehhh… no, not really. He still has a way to go a much to learn, but he is getting there.

Gwyn as well or, as I like to call her, the rightful captain, had a lot of realization and growth in this episode, allowing the empathy she already felt for other blossom into open rebellion and allying herself with the Protostar crew. It wasn’t forced, it wasn’t sudden… this was something that was coming and it was natural.

Speaking of the Diviner, I was actually pleasantly pleased to the depth and mystery that was brought to the character. This need for the Protostar seems to go far beyond simple power… it is something that he needs desperately for reasons that are not exactly clear. I also liked the way that he was genuinely torn between Gywn and the ship when he was forced to choose. In his final line, “She’s gone,” it’s unclear which “she” he is referring to and that is such a wonderful character tidbit to leave off on.

Prodigy is a show of mystery. We’ve been told that the series takes place in the Delta Quadrant, but if that’s the case, why are there Tellarites and Brikar on the show and how did the Klingons end up there? When is it set? How did the Protostar get there and what happened to her crew?

Prodigy has proven to be a series I’ve gotten far more interested in than I anticipated I would and, personally, I can’t wait until it returns.

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