What We Do in the Shadows remains one of the only genuine laugh out loud shows on television

I really do hate to say this because it makes me sound like a snob, but I don’t think I’ve genuinely lol’ed at a television series since the early days of The Simpsons. Sure, I think some series are funny and I chuckle and giggle at some of them, but I just don’t seem to have the belly laughs in me that I used to. At least, not until I discovered What We Do in the Shadows because, let me tell you, brother… this show really does make me laugh out loud.

This show has got the funniest cast and writers on the air right now. Every episode is a winner, gags and jokes rarely fail… this is a literal perfect storm of comedy.

With the third season, Guillermo’s secret is out and the vampires know he was born with the blood of a vampire killer and, while deciding the fate of their former fang-flunkie, Nanor, Lazlo, Nadia, and Colin Robinson are shocked with the news that they will become the new leaders of the Vampiric Council.

This season pushed the show into new territory and new situations that kept the situations lively and fresh. With Nadia and Nandor teamed up running the council and Colin Robinson and Lazlo falling into a very odd, but very fun friendship. We also get a shifting of Guillermo’s role from familiar to a more aggressive and assertive role that, during several points in the season, was very satisfying to watch, particularly in the finale.

What We Do in the Shadows is a pure joy. Despite the fact that the series is violent, every character swears, and there are gratuitous references to pornography in every other episode, there is such a lovely sense of innocence and naivety among the characters. The vampires, in a way, are like children and Guillermo is their nanny. Through this unique lens, we experience themes such as the corruption of power, dawning empathy, friendship, and even loss.

This was another perfect season. I’m beginning to think this show cannot do any wrong.

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