“What If…?” finally moves beyond substituting one character for another

What if Peggy Carter was Captain America? What if T’Challa was Star Lord. Yeah, these were fun, but it felt somewhat like Marvel musical chairs as if the series were falling into an easy formula. What if Iron Man was Thor? What if Loki was Ultron? What if Nick Fury was Black Widow?

“What If… the World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes?” has thankfully moved the series beyond that seemingly easy formula and brought it into real alternate history. In this installment, someone is straight up murdering the Avengers before they can become The Avengers. It is a dark tale of mystery and mayhem and murder with Nick Fury and Black Widow seeking the culprit before Asgard mounts a full invasion to avenge the death of Thor.

I liked this episode, part because it was something different and part because the story was compelling. It was nothing too deep, however, and I think it played its hand with the reveal a little too early, but even with the early-played hand, it was enough of a surprise to still be a surprise.

Less of a surprise was the final confrontation as the twist was communicated well in advance which was made the fight more drawn out than it needed to be.

The T’Challa as Star-Lord episode was a better episode, but this one is exciting for showing us what “What If…?” could actually be.

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