The Bad Batch ends their first year with the same old thing

With the cloning facility on Kamino wrecked by the Empire and sinking into the ocean, the Bad Batch and Crosshair make an uneasy alliance to escape the rapidly disintegrating structure.

All in all, “Kamino Lost” wasn’t a bad episode by any stretch. It was exciting to watch with some very fun and well thought out action. I enjoyed how the Batch basically had to think their way out of one situation, only to escape into a worse one. In a sense, it was the crew trying to escape from a box that kept getting smaller and smaller and then catches on fire and, for a regular episode, it would have been great.

But this wasn’t a regular episode. It was a season finale. There should have been more gravity, more closure, and more peeks into what is to come (aside from Crosshair grabbing his head in pain — I swear, this show has to telegraph every surprise ahead of time).

I know it may seem like a bit of a punk move from me, particularly since I’ve been a very vocal critic of The Bad Batch and how it seems to refuse to do anything unexpected or surprising with its plots or characters, but that kind of proves my point: If there was any place that the show should have done something risky, it was here and it didn’t. Much like my critique of the first episode, aside from basically being nice to a child who, as it turns out, is older than them, The Bad Batch hasn’t really grown as characters, they have survived as stereotypes. They started and ended as the leader, the smart one, the strong dumb one, the girl one, and the jerk on the outs.

Also, Echo is there.

So, yes, I stand by my criticisms. The Bad Batch continues to be an unremarkable, formulaic series that took the one time that even an unremarkable, formulaic series can do something unexpected and said, “Naw, I’m good.” It perfectly sums up my frustrations with this series.

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