Marvel’s “What If… Captain Carter Was the First Avenger?” is awkwardly paced and needed much more time to shine

What If…? is a new animated series on Disney Plus that asks that important question about many events in the Marvel Universe. In this case, what would have happened if Agent Carter was forced to take the super soldier instead of Steve Rogers serum and became Captain Carter?

It’s an intriguing idea and I can’t wait to slide between worlds and see what might have been, but to be honest, I get the feeling that 30 minutes a pop just isn’t enough time to tell these stories.

With this Captain Carter adventure, for example, the story feels like you’re on a sled going down an icy hill. At first, it’s fun but as it starts going faster and faster, you just want to slow down but nothing can grant that wish. The scenery comes at you faster and faster and you just want it to stop for a second.

About halfway through, the ride slows down and it’s here that the episode becomes the most enjoyable. Carter and Steve get some great characterization, there is some wonderful moments between them… and then it all starts speeding up again. “Quick, Steve! We’ve only got ten minutes to finish this story and we haven’t even gotten to Germany yet!”

I can’t help but think that, if this episode had been an hour instead of only half an hour, it would have only done the story favors. There were times that I felt the characters didn’t even have time to process big events before they were being rushed to another set piece and it really hurt the story.

Overall, though, it’s very enjoyable. I don’t see much that would bring in an outside fan as it’s very niche, but for the long time Marvel fans, What If…? should be a very interesting ride.

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