The Suicide Squad is violent, gory, profane, and strangely touching at times

Do you remember Suicide Squad? I’m sorry if you do.

The truth is, I didn’t find Suicide Squad that bad… it was a mess, that’s for sure, but after so many gloomy offerings from DC’s comic book movies, it was such a thrill to see color and humor again. I think I let that cloud my judgement and maybe gave it a bit more of a recommendation than I should have.

But, the thing is… I still kind of like it even if it was its own brand of terrible.

The Suicide Squad, the sequel/reboot from James Gunn is, to put it mildly, a revelation and probably one of, if not the best, live action superhero movie that DC has ever put out. It’s not that it’s hyper-violent, super-gory, or hilariously funny… it’s that, at its heart, it’s just a good movie with good characters that you, unfortunately, get attached to even though you know what’s most likely going to happen.

I loved this movie. Absolutely loved it. Normally, when I stream movies at home, I’m distracted by a dozen other things, but not this time. This time, I sat and watched, absolutely glued to what was going on.

This is a movie with a singular vision, no second-guessing, and real talent behind the wheel. As I said, I got attached to all the characters – even the evil ones – because they were all hilarious and all had arcs. Even King Shark who serves as the de fact Frankenstein’s Monster of the movie and a rather touching treatise on the power of kindness.

The Suicide Squad has a wonderful story and you never know exactly where it’s going to go moment to moment. I won’t give much away, but the opening act of this film pretty much set the tone and it never deviates.

I also love how this movie never really turns any of the characters into good guys. They’re bad… they stay bad, but even they have their limits about what they’re going to do. Harley Quinn, for example, has never been portrayed as true to herself and her character as she was in this movie. I feel that, after practically shoving her down our throats since the first Suicide Squad movie, they finally got her right.

This is how a comic book movie should be made. Fearless of the corny costumes, powers, or superhero names, over the top portrayals of violence and powers, colors and character, and a commitment to the insanity.

In a world of muted colors and gloomy characterizations… be The Suicide Squad!

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