Unlike giant anime fighting robots, Rick and Morty just can’t come together

While it is slightly better than the other dubious parody offerings that Rick and Morty have shrugged into existance this last season, “Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion” just can’t overcome the severe case of the blahs that has come to signify the fifth season of Rick and Morty.

After finding the Blue Lion… I mean Ferret from the Gotron fighting robot, Rick becomes obsessed with creating a giant Jager fighting force with other Ricks and Smith Families across the multiverse and, faster than you can say, “Half Hearted Scarface/Goodfellas Parody,” Rick’s greed and ambition tears the Smith family apart.

Okay, this episode is better than the other straight parody offerings this season… and there have been a lot of them… strictly for its energy and randomness. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a great episode — far from it — but it is an episode that you watch and are never entirely certain where it’s going and that is a good thing.

Overall, the thing that stuck out to me the most is the furthering of Summer into a state of stronger Rickness than Rick. I kind of like the way this episode held her up and showed her true ruthlessness in the family and beyond. Call me crazy, but even though this has been the worst season of Rick and Morty ever, it’s been Summer’s best season ever.

There were other things that made this episode memorable. The strange and sudden callback and payoff to a character introduced earlier this season was so stupid and random that it made me laugh for that simple reason. I also enjoyed the strange payoff to the off-brand narration.

Still, I can’t help but snort: Another parody? I hate to be one of those people, but I thought that Rick and Morty was better than this. This is the fifth episode in a row that has been entirely underwhelming and derivative. I’m not a fan of this streak.

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