America: The Motion PIcture is exactly what you expect it to be

George Washington is out to get revenge against Benedict Arnold for killing his friend, Abraham Lincoln and, along the way, start a brand new country called America in this animated send up of history which is about as ridiculous and accurate as an off the shelf Bill O’Reilly book. Yes, it’s America: The Motion Picture and it’s… well, it’s exactly what it claims to be: Dumb, excessive, violent, crass, and stupid.

Honestly, I respect the commitment.

This movie will either be up your alley or up your nose. It’s made for a specific audience of people who enjoy crass, low-IQ entertainment and on that level it will deliver. If you’re a lover of Family Guy, Brickleberry, South Park, or Big Mouth, you’re going to enjoy this. If you’re not… you won’t. It’s simple as that.

Personally, I’m somewhere in between. The movie is spirited and confident enough to be endearing and it has some of the best 2D flash animation I’ve seen. It’s like someone took the animation from Archer and threw a bunch of money at it.

On the other hand, the confidence in its own material is often a detriment as the material, at times, isn’t that funny even though the movie believes it is. There are too many extended moments of jokes landing with a thud and a movie that has a jacked up George Washington fighting alongside Samuel Addams, Thomas Edison, Paul Revere, and Geronimo shouldn’t be that stingy with the laughs.

I’m going to say that I enjoyed it, but with conditions. I enjoyed the movie for its purposeful stupidity and its confidence, but there were moments of tediousness and the film is somewhat of a mess storywise, the plot existing solely as a string to hang skits on.

This isn’t art, but it’s not terrible… but it isn’t art.

But it’s fun. I’ll give it that.

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