“A Rickconvenient Mort” is a disappointing backslide into missed opportunity and gross out gags

Hey, remember how Captain Planet was a thing once?

“A Rickconvenient Mort” takes the idea of Captain Planet and makes a parody of it… basically, what if the kids from Captain Planet grew up and became capitalist pigs, holing Captain Planet, or in this case, a female superhero called “Planetina” as a spokesman hostage.

I won’t lie… this sounds spectacular, but the episode goes in a different direction in the name of subversion, I suppose, and turns it into a love story between Planetina and Morty which, unexpectedly, becomes so incredibly over-dramatic and, in some cases, melodramatic, that you almost have to ask if the Rick and Morty writers room thought it would be hilarious to jump genres.

It’s… It’s not. It’s not good comedy and it’s not good drama. It’s just awkward.

The Planetina storyline was brushing the edge of greatness from the “Planeteers” treating Planetina as a slave to Planetina going completely off the rails with environmentalism when she is taken off the leash. The pieces were there, they just weren’t assembled and, as a result, the episode touches on ideas and then abandons them in due course to concentrate on attempting a romantic drama.

On the B side of things, Rick, spurned by Morty’s new girlfriend, takes Summer out into space on a three planet Apocalypse tour where alien planets are about to end and the civilizations in question have decided to go out in a flurry of sex and debauchery.

While the concept is sound, the execution seems beneath the usual happenstance of Rick and Morty. The constant sex jokes seemed more along the lines of Family Guy or even Paradise PD. There were some good gags every now and then, but in the long run, the bad gags and dry physical gags ruin it.

I did notice, however, an interesting theme developing that Summer and Morty are both becoming increasingly cynical and nihilistic and, in the case of this story, they’re more Rick than Rick. Morty becomes a ruthless one man killing machine with absolutely no remorse while Summer purposely sabotages Rick’s relationship with an alien woman is was really into.

It didn’t really impact the plot, but it was an interesting theme that, like so much of the episode, wasn’t capitalized on as much as it should have been.

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