The Loki of Oz

Episode Four of Loki is half amazing and half tedious, the symptom of a greater disease that this series seems more interested in teeing up events rather than actually moving a story forward. When it does move forward, it is in awkward and yet amazing lurches that end up being a mixture of ridiculous, frustrating, and hilarious.

Basically, Loki is Lost on its best and worst day.

Take that how you will.

In this episode, Loki and Sylvie are finally in the custody of the TVA where they remain for most of the episode (that’s the frustrating part), but the last few minutes are great which is the hilarious/rewarding/ridiculous part. Mostly, this episode spins its wheels which has been a problem with Loki since the beginning, but when it lurches into gear, it really lurches into gear.

I’m not going to give anything away, but I will say that while this episode bored me and frustrated me, the bonkers ending will bring me back next week just to find out what the heck is happening.

I will also say this: Loki is predictable… while, at the same time, unpredictable. Story revelations that you know are coming are punctuated by exclamation marks right out of left field. It’s clever… to take something predictable, have the viewers sigh when that predictable thing happens, and then have something unpredictable happen right after.

It’s the Lucinda and Libby double punch from Lost.

Dang… Loki is Lost and Lost is Loki!

This show is irksome, hilarious, absurd, formulized, and groundbreaking… I really don’t know what to make of it from week to week and that’s probably why it’s the perfect vehicle for the God of Mischief.

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