“Lamentis” is a good episode of Loki that seems strangely out of place in the increasinging tedious narrative

Loki abandons the TVA to pursue his female variant, a trickster goddess named Sylvie and, together, they must escape a disintegrating world before an apocalypses wipes out everyone.

“Lamentis” is fine. I enjoyed the banter between Loki and Sylvie and the plot of the series was propelled forward, giving us more insight into the insidious nature of the TVA and all, but the problem is… this almost feels like it’s a completely different series, a completely different narrative… it’s like Loki has been rebooted into something unfamiliar and, while this unfamiliar new format is good, it’s jarring and weird at the same time.

I get it, though. This is a television series about Loki and it’s going to be jarring and weird, but in a way, it almost feels like its narrative has been abandoned for something new, giving us the sensation of a series that has attention deficit disorder all for the purpose of an exposition dump.

For the most part, “Lamentis” is… well… it’s odd. Aside from the episode t-boning the narrative, we’ve got two literal gods getting into fistfights with morals and losing. Loki seems to conveniently forget that he has powers as the script requires it and, to be honest, it’s rather annoying… like the series is nerfing the characters for the sake of extending the runtime. Not to mention that Loki and, by extension, Slyvie, are gods of mischief who use their brains and their silver tongue to defeat their foes. To see them reduced to fighting hand to hand combat every single time is disappointing.

What Marvel did to Drax is nothing compared to what this show did to Loki.

I will say, though, that the last ten minutes of this episode alone, a long unbroken take of Loki and Sylvie trying to get through a city being bombarded by meteors was a fantastic action sequence and would have been perfectly fine as the headlining action sequence of the episode instead of that nonsense on the train. The single take run made the entire episode worth watching.

We’re halfway through and I really hope that Loki is done setting up its pieces and gets back to business telling an actual, interesting story because, at present, I can’t help but consider this series a disappointment.

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