“The Leaving” winds up a heck of a pitch for the season finale of Final Space!

With this penultimate episode of Final Space‘s third season, everything that needed to happen got a chance to happen. We got a little bit of a breather, some much-needed levity, some complications, some more complications, and some complications on top of those complications. Rubber bands that had been tightening for most of the season finally snapped and, by astonishing coincidence, so did a few characters.

If this episode’s job was to set up the events of the finale, it did that job magnificently and reminded us all why this show is so great.

After locating the transdimensional portal that was lost when the Earth was destroyed, the Team Squad takes a much needed sigh of relief that, for once, things are going their way. It’s during this time in the episode that the comedy really shines including Little Catto unknowingly getting between Quinn and Gary’s alone time and Biskit being the complete technological and self help boss that he is.

I do have to say that, at first, I wasn’t crazy about Biskit, but I’ve grown to love the little guy the more and more he’s used. Am I the only one who’s noticed that he’s showing no sign of Final Space poisoning? Is it an oversight or is this some kind of a plot point we haven’t learned about yet? Did I miss something? I probably missed something.

There were plenty of other character moments in this episode to enjoy as well. Little Cato was kind of the driving force for all of them which, given the ending, was appropriate. I really enjoyed his brief conversation with Cheryl and her quick acceptance of him as her grandson which fit perfectly with her character and, quite organically, led Little Catto to have a conversation with Avacato about his mother which was another great moment and actually heartbreaking when Little Catto thanked his dad for being his dad, not knowing that Avacato isn’t his real father after all.

The complications came fast and hard and demoralized Ash very quickly, sending her down the dark path she’d been fighting. Truthfully, if I had one major criticism against this episode, it is the 180 that Ash took upon overhearing the truth about Avacato and Little Cato. I would have preferred something more gradual with more struggle… it just didn’t seem right that one thing set her off so quickly like it did and actually made her seem incredibly naïve.

The end of the episode was both fast paced and devastating, bringing a sense of urgency and a first mission statement for the finale. This penultimate episode did exactly what it should: Be the finale’s hype man, getting the audience riled and excited, and telling the cheering throngs of Fantrexians what they were in for.

They’re hyped, I’m hyped…

Bring it on.

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