The Bad Batch meet a bad baby in “Rampage”

As time goes on, I’m digging The Bad Batch a little more. Granted, there are things about it that irk me: The uninspired stereotypical characters that seem ripped out of a 1980’s Saturday morning cartoon, for one, but the more I watch it, the more I’m seeing the possibilities of what could and, if the writers have a plan, what will be.

The Bad Batch has the bones of what could be a very interesting and engrossing Star Wars series — seeing how clones adjust to life without war or orders, and how they adjust to a universe turned upside down. It could be a series where they have to break out of their stereotypical molds and grow and learn to be their own persons.

It’s not there yet, but it could be.

With “Rampage,” Omega and her four dads, take a job from a former Jedi contact to free a child named Moochi from slavers. Things go wrong, Omega has to come to the rescue… it’s pretty standard fare. Nothing in this episode is that great, nothing is that offensive… it mostly involves The Bad Batch trying to figure out a mystery that the audience already knows and trying to free slaves which never gets as interesting as it should.

To be honest, this episode was incredibly lackluster and never strives for anything above average. “Serviceable” is probably the best word to use.

I liked Cid and think that she’s an interesting character and there are hints and foreshadowing strewn about that seem exciting. Wrecker’s headaches hinting that his inhibitor chip is about to go off, meaning that the guy is a ticking time bomb and Omega showing that she is probably force sensitive.

The main story of the episode, though, is just… okay. I will say that I continue to appreciate the way that Omega is being handled. She never comes off as overly annoying and, in an episode where she has to save the day, she is pragmatic without being some kind of wonderchild. The fact that she’s captured so easily and succeeded on what was 90 percent luck was the most realistic thing in the entire episode.

“Rampage” wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t that good either. It’s in an annoying middle ground where the show is still finding its footing and wallowing in simplicity, teasing better things ahead. Is it annoying? Yes, but I am a patient man.

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