“We Need to Talk” sets up Invincible’s toughest battle in an episode that keeps getting better and better and better

The cat is out of the bag and everyone knows that Omniman is a murderer and, worse yet, he know that everyone knows and, even worse, they know that he knows that everyone knows. Now, Cecil throws out every resource he has to stop Omniman from reaching Invincible before they can tell him about what his dad has done and his dad has a chance to corrupt him.

This episode was rousing, that’s for sure. So many plot threads come to a boiling power not only with Omniman going full General Zod, but also with Mark and Amber hitting the skids and Amber proving to be smarter than Mark gave her credit (though I really don’t think she thought enough about his position either), Mark deciding that being a superhero is too tough and finding confidence with Eve, and Debbie being taken to the GDA where she can only watch as Cecil does everything he can to kill her husband.

Strangely enough, I’m a fan of stories that find ultimate power falling into the wrong hands which is why “Superman but Evil” stories like Brightburn appeal to me. Invincible is no different and seeing Omniman easily beating every immensely powerful obstacle thrown in his way was a lot of fun. I particularly enjoyed his… annoyance at many of the attacks.

The Robot story with the Mauler Twins was a lot of fun as well with many entertaining ethical questions brought up as a result. Seeing the newly human Robot take his deformed original body off life support was actually very touching… about as touching as seeing the battle between Robot and the twins, an entertaining and, at times, hilarious battle of wits.

The episode ends with a big battle where Invinsible and Omniman team up against a monster (because why not?) and a surprise return. By the time the credits come around, the episode has ended on such a heavy note that it practically reverberates. I cannot wait to see how everything plays out.

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