Invincible leaves his comfort zone in, “That Actually Hurt”

Invincible is contacted by Titan, a low-level supervillain who wants his help to leave the criminal organization he’s indebted to and Mark gets a lesson his own naivety.

This was another very solid and very enjoyable episode of Invincible, focusing on the age-old issue of the ignored plight of the inner city. Titan, as it turns out, is a fascinating character with multiple layers. Tough guy, thug, family man, a man who wants more out of life. I was actually rooting for him and, when the ending came along, I found myself thinking, “Good. Good for him.”

I very much enjoyed the fight between Invincible, Titan, and the Global Guardians against Machine Head’s goons and especially Battle Beast who was always a blast in the comics. The fight was brutal, bloody, and devastating on multiple levels and I so very much love that this series is big on consequences — no one ever really walks away unscathed.

I just love this series and can’t wait for more. This entire show seems like a breath of fresh air to the genre.

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