Invincible is a solid, ultra-Violent animated superhero series for adults

We’re four episodes into Invincible, and I can honestly say that this is probably one of my favorite new obsessions. The series tells the story of Mark Grayson, the son of a world famous superhero named Omni-Man. After years of waiting, Mark’s powers have kicked in and, with his father’s tutelage, begins his journey into the wide world of superheroism.

While that description may sound like an R-rated version of Sky High, Invincible has so much more going for it. Mark is wide-eyed and eager to enter a world that he soon discovers is bloody and brutal. You get a real sense that Mark wants to prove himself as his own person and that desire often leads his down some very ill-advised paths. What’s more, I like how Mark’s inexperience is something that constantly defines who he is, what other’s think of him, and how he thinks of himself. Invincible could very well be the superhero defined by his low self-esteem.

In addition to this wonderful character work, there is an ongoing mystery at play in Invincible that gives the entire series a sinister air. People are never what they appear and, too often, this manifests in some very disturbing ways.

Invincible, to me, is the superhero version of those movies where someone breaks into the music business, only to discover that it’s awash in drugs and corruption, and yet they are determined to endure.

The voice cast is astounding. Steven Yuen brings the magic to Mark and I really wish I understood how this guy is able to keep his voice sounding so youthful. Between Invincible and Final Space, Yuen is the king of youthful vocals. JK Simmons voices Omni-Man and this is perfect because Omni-Man looks so similar to J Jonah Jameson. Aside from that, though, Simmons simultaneously brings a fatherly and dangerous tone to his character that makes him so much fun to watch.

The animation is oddly inconsistent at times. While the majority of it is spectacular, there are some sequences where the characters look like paper cutouts, flying in one static position across the sky. Still, that’s a quibble.

Overall, I find this series incredibly enjoyable. I like the characters, I like the mysteries, and as someone who read the comic when I was younger, enough of it has been changed and reimagined to where it is still surprising.

I’m on board with this one. You should give it a chance too.

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