SYFY’s ‘Resident Alien’ is simply delightful

How long has it been since something aired on SyFy that I actually cared about? Goodness, how long has it been since they cancelled The Expanse or when there was a Stargate series on? Honestly, SyFy has been going downhill since they stupidly changed the name from The Sci-Fi Channel and moved away from… you know… Science Fiction.

I could honestly write an entire essay about how poor decisions and the need to appeal to a broader audience made the channel appeal to fewer and fewer people every year, but that’s not what I’m here for. I’m here to talk about Resident Alien, a new series starring the always talented and extremely underrated Alan Tudyk.

The series, based on a comic book series I’ve never heard of before, has got such a stupidly simple premise: An alien crash lands on Earth and (violently) assumes the identity of a human and, through a series of coincidences and bad luck, becomes a doctor in small town Colorado.

Right there: Alan Tudyk playing an alien trying to blend in as a human doctor is enough to get me to tune in, but Resident Alien takes it further turning the series into a strange amalgamation of The X-Files and Murder She Wrote having the alien become a mystery solver out of what looks like boredom.

Have I mentioned that the alien is on Earth to kill everyone? This show is so delightfully devilish that it hurts.

Alan Tudyk, of course, carries the show with such wonderful ambiguity, never quite the hero and never quite the villain. Tukyk, as a matter of fact, seems to regard the humans with a sense of curiosity and growing empathy as he remains human and continues to develop those pesky human emotions. Tudyk’s delivery, facial expressions, and physical talents carries this show wonderfully.

Beyond that, the writing is incredibly entertaining. There are several laugh out loud moments and enough disregard for common sense to assure the audience that it is never meant to be taken very seriously.

I am so happy that SyFy has something worth watching again… Wait, that reminds me. Happy was pretty good, but yeah… they cancelled that.

SyFy, please don’t mess this up. I honestly feel like this show represents your last chance to be taken seriously.

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