The Expanse is “Down and Out” iN a fun survivalist episode that ups the already high stakes

So, last week’s episode was a doozy, delivering the a three-pronged punch to Earth in the form of a terrorist attack. Three asteroids were thrown at the planet, killing millions, taking out the leadership of Earth, and with attacks on Tycho and Mars, the entire system is in disarray to say nothing of the crew of the Rocci who, separated on personal business, have all found themselves affected by the attacks.

Alex and Bobbie have been investigating the Martian military selling frigates to the Belters. This storyline, to me at least, has been the most dull of them all as they’re investigating something we already know is happening, but man, they really kicked it in the hindquarters with this episode with a stakeout on the Razorback and then a very exciting action sequence.

I very much enjoyed Amos’ story as he and several prisoners and guards, climb their way out of the destroyed prison complex. It’s always fun to see antagonistic forces working together even if I wish things were not so cut and dry between who the bad guys and good guys are. Then again, this is an Amos story we’re talking about here and, even though he’s my favorite character on the show, he’s really not going to do well in anything too philosophical. I guess I should be happy for the way things are.

Naomi was the true star of the episode. Last season, it seemed like she was cut out of most of the action due to the gravity sideplot that really went nowhere, but Dominique Tipper is given so much meat to chew on in this episode and she takes full advantage of it, delivering some of her strongest acting to date.

If there was anyone in this episode who got the short end of the stick, it would be Holden, but given the massive amount of material he’s been given in the past, I don’t think he’s made it out too poorly. I would like his plot to advance in a forward direction, though.

The four way story was very well balanced, the characters had a lot to do, it didn’t feel rushed, and for the most part, the narrative went forward. This was a very enjoyable outing and, best of all, what happens next is anyone’s guess.

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