The Mandalorian goes on Yet Another Sidequest with, “The SIEGE.”

Ah, the Mandalorian… he just can’t travel in a straight line, can he?

With a ship falling apart at the seams, the Mandalorian and The Child limp to Navarro, home of Carl Weathers and Dune, for repairs but, in exchange for those repairs, he is recruited into a mission to blow up an Imperial base that has been causing all kinds of trouble for the planet.

On the surface, yeah… all I can think is, another darn sidequest and, yes, it is annoying because it seems like this show can’t have two episodes of forward progression to save its life.

However, upon watching it, it does advance the plot, but in a completely unexpected way that, although accidental, feels organic and earned and brings a new sense of urgency to the show with Moff Gideon finally making a flesh and blood appearance and becoming a major player once again. Between him, the Dark Saber, Bo Katan, and the Empire’s pursuit of the Child, the tension in the season is getting more and more wound up.

The episode itself is pretty decent. Nothing extraordinary as it consists mostly of blasters, explosions, and stormtroopers flying all over the place which is not necessarily a minus, but but I do miss the quiet character development. The warm moments between the Mandalorian and the Child at the beginning of the episode were nice and I wish we could see more of that. Heck, I would take a character as memorable as Quill any day, to be honest.

So, yes, it’s middle of the road fare. A somewhat hollow action piece that opens up a promise of a more interesting season ahead.

Next week better be good, that’s all I can say, or I swear… I will probably complain and watch the episode after that anyway.

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