The MANDALORIAn returns with a fun, old west throwback, “The Marshall”

The second season of The Mandalorian is probably one of my most anticipated television events of 2020 after the announcement on the news that Donald Trump lost the election. The season premiere, in true Mandalorian fashion, debuted with the incredibly fun episode, “The Marshall” that showed the titular Mandalorian joining forces with an old west sheriff and a tribe of sand people to take down a common threat.

I mean, come on… it’s the classic “unite the cowboys with the indians” trope, but under the blanket of Star Wars, it completely works.

And then there’s the question of the armor which deserves its own chef’s kiss.

Timothy Olyphant was incredibly entertaining as Cobb Vanth and obviously had a lot of fun playing the part. I enjoyed his interactions with Mando and the use of Boba Fett’s scavenged armor. Seeing it show up in such an unexpected fashion opened up a lot of questions and that final scene reveal only made me ask more as I simultaneously screamed in joy.

The battle with the Krayt Dragon was simply astounding. The special effects on this show never fail to entertain and they were staged in such a way that it was easy to follow and exciting to watch.

If any complaint comes from this episode, it is the very minor point that Baby Yoda (I know that’s not his name, just stop) did nothing but stand off to the side and do random cute things. Granted, I know that’s his job, but it is disappointing to see the little guy contribute absolutely nothing to the plot except to stand there and remind everyone he is a thing.

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