“Far from Home” sees the USS Discovery make her entrance into the future

It’s been a long road, getting from there to here: But the USS Discovery, after being conspicuously abscent from the premere episode of the season, finally crashes into the 32nd century in a big way.

This episode was another stunner, an hour of television that was wonderfully written, wonderfully acted, and wonderfully shot. I am really digging the way that the far future of the Star Trek universe looks more like a Western than science fiction, I love how the theme of idealism standing in the face of societal pressures is being explored, and I absolutely positively am enjoying how the series is finally throwing a larger spotlight on the auxiliary characters that have been sadly ignored the first two seasons.

First, we have to talk about that crash landing sequence. Discovery, first of all, is a tough little ship as the special effects were so good that every bump and collision could be felt all the way in my teeth. The professionalism and ingenuity of Deitmer made perfect sense and hearing her and yelling, “Brace! Brace!” over and over again, to me at least, gave the scene just that much more of a sense of urgency and emergency.

The reactions of the crew, seeing them applaud and embrace after the crash, felt so genuine. Given their circumstances, the Discovery crew should be more like a family by this point and this love that they are showing each other is such a wonderful addition to the series.

The true stars of this outing were indeed Saru and Tilly. Saru is such a wonderful leader and father figure for this emerging family of choice and seeing him basically talk Tilly down from a panic attack was excellent writing and acting on the part of Doug Jones. Mary Wiseman, to her complete credit, gives Tilly this legitimate soul… a person who feels overwhelmed and human and, yet, manages to persevere. I really enjoy how the show is handling a human character who feels human emotions like a human actually should… fearful, unsure of herself, and yet with the quiet bravery to continue in spite of all of that.

The eventual conflict with the courier was simple, but an effective way to learn more about the current events and technology of the 32nd century as well as the state of things in what’s left of the Federation. I will admit that the appearance of Georgiou was a little groan-worthy as her plot armor is positively shatterproof. I mean, come on… she gets shot multiple times with a disruptor we literally just watched cook a guys insides not ten minutes prior?

Can I also say how much I am enjoying the team up between Reno and Staments? Their personalities are so well suited to working together and the witty back and forths between them are pretty hilarious, even though I’m still not sure why Staments had to go into that Jeffries Tube by himself in such a weakened, damaged condition when another able-bodied crewman literally walks up a few minutes after they decide it.

Still, I have to hand it to this episode, it’s another terrific entry onto Discovery’s new season. I am not disappointed in the least bit. It’s incredibly strong, incredibly exciting, and incredibly human.

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