Lower Decks: You Can’t Handle the “Veritas!”

The lower deckers find themselves the witnesses in an alien trial against their own command crew and must testify about a story none of them quite have the whole story about.

One of my chief complaints (one of my only complaints, really, as this show is excellent) is that poor Tendi and Rutherford (especially Rutherford) are often pushed to the side and forgotten while Boimler and Mariner are given the spotlight. This is why I particularity love episodes like “Veritas” that give time equally to these characters.

The structure of this episode really does fit this four-character dynamic beautifully.

Not to mention that it’s funny as heck… probably the funniest episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks to date. I don’t think I’ve laughed nearly as much as I did at Tendi and Rutherford’s tales of unwitting espionage in the midst of so many Star Trek Easter eggs and deep cuts. “Veritas” is a very pleasing episode.

I am moderately disappointed that John de Lancie reprised his role as Q for what was essentially a Family Guy cutaway gag when there is literally so much he could have done and can do on the show.

That being said, it was funny… I mean, come on. “We don’t have time for your Q bull***t! Go bother Picard!”

That’s almost as satisfying as Sisko punching him!

All in all, “Veritas” would be my new favorite episode of the series if I had not already finished watching all of this season’s episodes. It gave all the characters something to do, it was funny, had a twist that would have bombed on any other show, but Lower Decks takes it, runs with it and makes it work.

Fantastic episode!

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