Lower Deck’s “No Small Parts” ends the first season with the best episode of all

When the crew learns that Captain Freeman is Mariner’s mother, the extra attention from the crew is more than she can handle and so Mariner decides to compete with Boimler for a transfer to another ship, but when the Cerritos answers a distress call, a sudden and merciless attack puts them both in danger.

I am in amazement, folks.  “No Small Parts” is just a great episode and a perfect finish for the season.  Although the show is known for callbacks to other Star Trek shows,  I was so impressed by how much this episode relied on the world building of Lower Decks itself… so much that was established earlier in the season was picked up here and served the story, so many character archs were brought to fruition, and viewers were rewarded with great storytelling, a hilarious story, and jump-to-your-feet moments of sheer nerdity.

What’s more, like all good season finalies, “No Small Parts” doles out just enough lingering plot and teases to ensure more than enough interest in the second season which, frankly, cannot come soon enough.

I mean, for goodness’ sake, the episode was a direct critique of both the Federation and Star Trek’s policy of noninterferrence, arguing that some less advanced civilizations need guidance and need checks, lest old, forgotten threats rear their heads again and people die.

Yes, die!  Lower Decks is a series of consequences.  The destruction of the USS Solvang was an incredibly heavy moment that just hung there.  No jokes, no gags, just an expanding cloud of debris.

By the end of the episode, character relationships change, characters die, and characters leave the ship.

I will be incredibly disappointed if Lower Decks returns to status quo next season.

Best episode yet. Everything worked. What a way to end the season.

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