The Twilight Zone ends its second season with the kitchy comedy throwback, “You Might Also Like…” where the humor and the point never lands

I guess it’s going to be tradition that the new Twilight Zone do something meta for its season finales. I’m not against this as long as the episodes are good but, sadly… the finales just haven’t been.

Take “You Might Also Like…”, a comedy sequel to the classic episode, “To Serve Man.” It brings back in the classic aliens and continues their story of human conquest from the 1960s. The episode, starring Gretchen Mol as a suburbanite woman, finds the world waiting with baited breath for a new product called “The Egg” that will make everything better, the only thing is, no one knows that The Egg is or what it does. Mol’s character is also experiencing bouts of missing time courtesy of pesky aliens.

I suppose that this episode is supposed to be a satire on consumerism, but the satire is way too on the nose to be effective and, when you look at the episode on the whole, the humor is sacrificed far too often in the sake of being a Napoleon Dynamite level of odd.

While, yes, it’s neat to see a classic Twilight Zone baddie make a triumphant return to the small screen and, yes, it was amusing to hear George Takei as an alien arguing with other aliens about what pronouns to use, the laughs come too far between. The nostalgia isn’t enough to carry the episode. By the end, watching people shop during a B-movie alien invasion is too silly to have any real effect.

What we have here is a niche episode that never worked on any level it tried to work on. While not catastrophically bad, it’s definitely an experiment that fizzled embarrassingly so.

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