Comet Neowise

Last night, I ventured out into the scorching badlands of West Texas to see if I could spot a cosmic visitor. With the temperatures still topping 100 degrees even after dusk, and camera in hand, I sought out a mostly abandoned country road and set up my tripod.

To my utter amazement, and many years after my first and rather pathetic attempt to get a picture of Comet Panstarrs, I got the best comet photos I’ve ever taken.

For comparison, this is Comet Panstarrs in March of 2013.
Here’s my picture of Comet Neowise. A little blurry due to the rotation of the Earth over the exposure time, but I’m very happy with it!
I experiemented a bit with exposure time and aperture sizes. It was a balancing act as wider apertures made more detailed images, but caused more blur. I never could get the perfect hang of it with the regular lenses.
Switching to a fisheye allowed the images to be clearer, and got nice environmental photos.
A car peaked over a distant hill during this 30 second exposure.
My attempt at a comet selfie.
I also decided to take some star pictures just for the heck of it. This one was probably my favorite. I illuminated the road with my phone flashlight.
The beautiful Milky Way.
An airplane high above.
The red lights are oil well construction down the road.

Written by Jason Gaston

Father, teacher, writer, photographer, artist, actor, male model, and inventor of the semicolon.

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