Cooter’s Place, Nashville

Growing up, The Dukes of Hazzard was my favorite show in the history of anything ever. Daisy Duke was one of the first women I fell in love with and my greatest wish was to drive the General Lee, ramping up into the air as Waylon Jennings said something witty leading us into a commercial break.

Keep in mind, of course, this was a more innocent and less woke time when the Confederate Flag really didn’t mean anything.

I still have raging nostalgia for the show and the rascally innocence of it all and so, when I learned of the existence of Cooter’s Place in Nashville, I knew it was a place I had to stop and check out.

Basically, it’s a gift shop with a free Dukes of Hazzard museum attached to it. Inside, there are toys, relics, and, of course, cars from the show including the General itself.

Needless to say, meeting the General was a real honor and, although I couldn’t get my picture inside of it because of COV-19 precautions, it was still amazing to be in the same room with her.

I have to admit… even though I wasn’t supposed to, I did reach over the rope and touch her. I couldn’t resist.

I do have to say that, in the age of coronavirus, the staff at Cooter’s were very attentive and cautious, requiring all guests to wear masks and giving gentle but firm reminders when someone took them off. I really appreciated this type of environment at this time.

Cooter’s tow truck from the series is parked out front. To the left is Willie Nelson’s store.
So many toys that I used to own!
Bits and pieces from a wrecked General Lee.
And here she is.
Due to the cramped conditions and the rope around her, it was hard to get a decent picture.
Seven year old me is so jealous.

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