“A Fight Worth Fighting For” is the Harley Quinn/Joker team-up we’ve always wanted

With Doctor Psycho and The Riddler in command of Darkseid’s army of parademons and Gotham City in flames, Harley Quinn must rescue the Justice League from the Queen of Fable’s book to save her city and the world. The problem is, the only person who knows the location of the book is The Joker and, for the last few months, he’s been living in suburbia with amnesia, a girlfriend, a new family, and the best life ever so, of course, given that she has no choice, she has to push him into a vat of acid and wake him up.

So, with no crew and a very grumpy re-awakened Joker in tow, Harley sets out to save the world with her former puddin.

The last time Harley and Joker teamed up, we got one of the worst episodes of the first season as Harley predictably fell back into a toxic relationship and Joker, predictably, screwed her over to save himself. Thankfully, it appears that the show has learned from its mistakes and has given us an uproariously funny Harey/Joker team up where there is bickering, cutting remarks… but no romance, fake or otherwise.

I am getting the feeling that the writers are treating this final arch of season two as a series finale, bringing closure to Harley and Joker’s relationship as they part ways amicably and on reasonably good terms, the Joker actually giving Harley some much-needed advice about her situation with Ivy.

Personally, I loved it. The interplay between Joker and Harley was hysterical with Alan Tudyk and Kaley Cuoco giving it their absolute best. I don’t want this to be the final time we see Harley and Joker together, but if it is, it’s nice to see the pair go out on top.

I also appreciated the character turn for Joker. Seeing him actually affected by his time with a family and knowing, finally, what unconditional love is like and deciding that maybe he’s okay with it. Sure, I know that this is comic book sacrilege, but the idea of a domesticated Joker at home, dividing his time between family and murder and mayhem is just a hysterical mental picture. Could you imagine having Joker as a neighbor? Please tell me they’re setting this up as a spinoff.

If this is the end for the series and a third season never happens (which, full disclosure, I have no idea), I think it’s wise to tie all of these plot threads up and find closure with these characters. I want a third season, but at the time time, the end of this chapter is coming together so perfectly that I almost wouldn’t mind if this were the end.

Fingers crossed that it isn’t, though.

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