“Nouveau Théâtre des Vampires” ends the stupid-perfect second season of ‘What We Do in the Shadows’

I seem to say this a lot about a lot of television series that I get into from Steven Universe to She-Ra to What We Do in the Shadows, but… this show is so much better than it should be.

I mean, let’s face it… a comedy series about four vampires and their pet human living in Staten Island should not be a series of such consistent quality. It should be a simple and cheap cash grab absorbing all of the goodwill left to it by the movie it was based on. It shouldn’t be matching the movie in tone and quality and certainly has no business expanding and improving the universe it was born to.

A lot like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, What We Do in the Shadows is a show so intelligent that the outside observer might mistake it for the dumbest thing ever. What We Do in the Shadows manages to tell season long story in the midst of seeming randomness. It manages to evolve apparently dim-witted characters right before our eyes in ways that seem natural. The people we were introduced to back when this series first aired? They’re mostly gone… replaced by new and improved models with new motivations and new attitudes.

Without a doubt, and rather surprisingly given that he seemed like a one-note stepping stone, this season belonged to Guillermo, the hapless human familiar who dreams of being a vampire. As the series has gone on, Guillermo has become more and more disenchanted with his vampire masters and, having discovered his innate vampire-killing abilities, has turned into a rather no-nonsense player in the game, slowly gathering more and more confidence and more and more power for himself in the household culminating in this season finale when Guillermo finally leaves his masters and his masters subsequently fall apart without him.

The vampires are so wonderfully flippant about Guillermo’s absence even as they and their home fall more and more apart every second. Colin Robinson, ever the diabolical opportunist, takes full advantage of the situation as we’ve learned he naturally will.

The vampires are invited to Nouveau Théâtre des Vampires, an exclusive theater experience that only comes to the United States once every five years. It’s obviously a trap by the vampiric council who has been trying to kill the housemates for a season since they accidentally killed The Baron last season (and several other vampires as well). There is even a fun cameo by Jemaine Clement reprising his role as Vladislav from the movie.

Basically, this situation forces Guillermo to come to his former master’s rescue and reveal his vampire killing abilities to the housemates. It’s actually a pretty perfect season finale given the direction this season has been going.

As usual, this season has been uproariously funny and there hasn’t been a single misstep or misfire. It’s crazy-scary how good this series is and, to be honest, the only crazy-scarier thing is how we’re going to have to wait so many months to get another Staten Island vampire fix so we can see who’s going to be top dog (top bat?) in the house now that the jig is finally up.

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