“Witches” is another episode that deals with the growing power shift on ‘What We Do in the Shadows.’

When Nandor and Lazlo are kidnapped by witches, Guillermo, Nadja, and Colin Robinson venture out to rescue their wayward housemates.

I’ve said in the past that Colin Robinson is the most evil and conniving of the vampires, but if “Witches” has shown us anything, it’s that Guillermo is the most intelligent. I know that this is hardly an amazing realization as his intelligence compared to the vampires is more than obvious, but to actually see him save the day by being smart instead of relying on his vampire slayer powers.

I also enjoyed how this episode continued the themes of how the power in the house has shifted quite a but in Guillermo’s favor and, even with that new found power and freedom, he is still unsatisfied. I really hope the season finale manages to find a way to make this the focus because, honestly, it’s time.

This was a fun one. The writing was clever and the pacing was fast without being rushed. The visual gags of the talking goat and the witches throwing Nadja around was amazing and I have to give special recognition to the set that held Nadja, Colin Robinson, and Guillermo prisoner. It was wonderfully realized, I’m not sure how much of it was practical and how much of it was special effects, and the comedic potential of it was sufficiently exploited.

The plot was hilarious as well. Sure, it got rather dirty, but it never went overboard with the dirtiness… at least not as far as this series is known for. What We Do in the Shadows can be extremely gratuitous and disgusting when it wants to be, but it rarely goes overboard so that the overboard moments are as shocking as they should be.

I’m still in awe of how this series has not only captured the spirit of the movie, but has has gone and morphed into something unique and amazing on its own.

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