“Childrick of Mort” engages in dull Rick and Morty shenanigans that end up meaning bupkis

On a camping trip with the whole family, Rick is contacted by a living planet that informs him that she’s pregnant and he’s the father and, after going to the planet and witnessing it give birth to millions of full grown rock people in a geyser, Beth demands that Rick take responsibility and guide them unto a prosperous civilization.

Meanwhile, Jerry is upset because no one wants to go camping and Morty and Summer find an alien spaceship.

Watching this episode, I could have sworn I’d seen something like it before on The Simpsons or Futurama.  Granted, the idea of one person leading a civilization isn’t a novel one, but to see a show like Rick and Morty take the concept and do nothing surprising with it is disappointing as this show revels in subverting expectations and destroying scifi tropes. 

Even the appearance of God or Zues or whatever he was and the fight that followed was dull because, let’s face it… Rick is honestly too powerful at this point to care about.  Even as it looked like he was losing the fight, there was no suspense.  It was just dull.

The Jerry subplot was infuriating.  Jerry has become not only a parody of himself, but a bad parody.  You don’t feel bad for the guy anymore, you don’t sympathize with him anymore, he’s a sniveling worm, not a poor guy in over his head.  

Morty and Summer were written meaner than usual too.   Watching them berate Jerry and go off on their own wasn’t funny and, when it seemed like they were on the verge of accepting that they honestly have no life skills and maybe Jerry was right to take them camping so they could get some and actually grow a little as characters was instantly negated by them finding an alien ship and continuing being awful know-it-alls.

The only part of the episode I got even remotely interested in was when Rick and Beth were working together, but even that was destroyed when it turned into yet another Beth vs. Jerry pedantic back and forth gripe-fest that seems to be following a cut and paste template.

No characters grew, there were no real stakes, the humor wasn’t even doing its job, and worst of all, it was boring. That’s it… the worst thing an episode of a TV show can be… just boring.

This could very well be a series low.

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